Tuesday, October 17, 2006

An Adobe Captivate 2 Audio Blog Post.

In the second my blog posts today. I demonstrate how Adobe Captive 2 can be used to podcast. The possibilites here are endless and as somebody who spends a considerable time narrating you can expect to see alot of these sorts of posts in the near future.
Adobe Captivate 2 Audio Blog Post
Click on the graphic to launch the Adobe Captivate file.


Anonymous said...

Good work, and good advice, Mark!

macrofireball said...

Many thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate you feedback, I will be adding more of these kinds of posts within the next couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...


I love this idea of audio blogging. Did you do the whole thing, including the via Contribute 4 business? (I can't believe I bought Contribute 3 two weeks ago! I hate when that happens!)

Thanks for posting something interesting. Again, I hasten to add. Incidentally, the sound is great even on my small speakers. What mike do you use? I obsessively collect mikes and hate something about all of them!

Joe said...

I was expecting the podcast to explain how you made the podcast. Or is that a self-evident feature of CP 2?

CMS said...

nice post.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. I would love to know more about audio blogging with Captivate


macrofireball said...

Hello Anonymous,

Many thanks for your comments. I didn't use Contribute 4, but only because I don't seem to be able to publish SWFs to Blogger, however the fact that you can publish to blogs in Contribute 4 is a great feature and hopefully something that I can take advantage of in the near future.

I'm delighted to hear that the quality of sound is high on your system. Historically I have used a Plantronics headset but recently have gone back to my root nd invested in a Behringer mixer (UB802) and a Sure SM 58 Microphone.

macrofireball said...

Hello Joe,

Many thanks for your feedback due to this and other positive comments I have received I am going to post details on how I created this podcast. I hope to post this next Monday.

sam said...

Thanks, Mark.
Cool resource site for Cp2 users.
Well done. Also I enjoyed your informal writing style. Cheers

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