Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photoshop Product Manager Blogs about CSS Designer Starter Kit

John Nack, Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop has very kindly blogged about the WebAssist CSS Designer Starter Kit for Photshop. You can read what John had to say on his blog.

Although this was the last project I worked on in Adobe Captivate 3, we did recently updated this interactive training package to include some detailed information on helping learners visualize the box model so I did manage to add some advanced actions, including an image toggle button, which I will blog about another time.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CSS Menus Starter Kit

Today sees the launch of the latest Adobe Captivate project I have been working on for my employer WebAssist The CSS Menus Starter Kit for Photshop. This was the first project I worked on in Adobe Captivate 4 so it was great to be able to take advantage of some of the new functionality version 4 has to offer including being able to take advantage of the Adobe Captivate 4 Aggregator.

The Adobe Captivate 4 Aggregator enables you (finally) to combine published files (SWFs)and includes a table of content plus other features such as "self paced learning" and a really nifty Search option. I have to be honest and say that at one point I didn't think that we were going to be able to use the Aggregator.

You see by default in Firefox when you load the published Aggregator (SWF)it loads and plays the audio (my voice over) from each of your published tutorials (SWFs)which as one of my colleagues pointed out:

"What a lovely cacaphony of Fletchers! A veritable flight of Fletchers, if you will. The new Aggregator certainly is making quite the impression"

Thankfully we managed to address this issue by disabling the Auto Play option, which can be found in the Start and End category of the Project preferences. Though you have to do this for every single project file - which did prove to be a bit of a pain. Also bear in mind that once you do disable the Auto Play option when you publish you then just get a Play button appearing in the center of the screen.

However, the good news is that you can add your own background image. Below is the screen shot of the background image we are using in this and all future starter kits.

Oh, just one final point, the style of the Play button you have seen in this blog post is determined by the style of skin you choose for your Playback Control.

You can learn more about the CSS Menus Starter kit available for both Photoshop and Fireworks then please visit this web addresses.

CSS Menus Starter Kit for Photoshop
CSS Menus Starter Kit for Fireworks

VTC Hat Tip

I used to work at VTC and had the pleasure of creating quite a few Dreamweaver instructional videos. I left VTC in 2006 to meet new challenges and broaden my horizons at Web Assist and again like at VTC I work in a great friendly environment filled with talented individuals who have a real passion for what they are doing.

Since leaving VTC they have continued to create intuitive titles and the latest Dreamweaver CS4 training video is worthy of a mention. The videos are created with the beginner to Dreamweaver CS4 in mind or anyone upgrading to CS4 from a prior release. Feature by feature Dreamweaver CS4 is the most significant release of the program since Adobe acquired Macromedia. The real beauty of these training videos is that they are split up by subject, so for those of us who already have a some background with Dreamweaver (or design in general) it’s easy to skip the introductory stuff and get right to the new features and upper level techniques.

Beginners Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorial Video