Tuesday, April 28, 2009

VTC Hat Tip

I used to work at VTC and had the pleasure of creating quite a few Dreamweaver instructional videos. I left VTC in 2006 to meet new challenges and broaden my horizons at Web Assist and again like at VTC I work in a great friendly environment filled with talented individuals who have a real passion for what they are doing.

Since leaving VTC they have continued to create intuitive titles and the latest Dreamweaver CS4 training video is worthy of a mention. The videos are created with the beginner to Dreamweaver CS4 in mind or anyone upgrading to CS4 from a prior release. Feature by feature Dreamweaver CS4 is the most significant release of the program since Adobe acquired Macromedia. The real beauty of these training videos is that they are split up by subject, so for those of us who already have a some background with Dreamweaver (or design in general) it’s easy to skip the introductory stuff and get right to the new features and upper level techniques.

Beginners Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorial Video

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