Monday, October 11, 2010

Advanced Actions: Resources

Advanced Actions provide Adobe Captivate users with the ability to include complex interactions in their Captivate projects.

The problem is that most Adobe Captivate users are not programmers and therefore, many would probably benefit from having a decent set of examples that they can use to understand how Advanced Actions (especially Conditional Actions) work.

If only there was a decent set of articles on how to use Advanced Actions. Well, actually there is!

Ever since Adobe Captivate 5 was launched, my good friend Lieve Weymeis has been beavering away writing articles and creating examples to help you get up to speed with this powerful yet for some bewildering Adobe Captivate feature.

So, if you are dipping your toe into the amazing world of Advanced Actions. This list should provide you with lots of good and practical advice to help you get started.

Customized course menu based on a pretest (Captivate 5)

Constructing test with multiple results (Captivate 5)

Using advanced actions to show conclusion based on multiple scores (Captivate 5)

Question slide with partial scores and customized feedback (Captivate 5)

Video tutorial: Advanced conditional action for Customized feedback (Captivate 5)

Combining Standard and Conditional in one Advanced action (Captivate 5)

Use the power of variables in CP5 (CP4) - without advanced actions (Captivate 4&5)

Unleash the power of variables in Captivate 5 (4) with Advanced Actions (Captivate 4&5)

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*You will need to scroll approximately half way down the page to locate the Advanced Action tip.

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