Thursday, May 28, 2009

First look at Adobe Presentations

Adobe PresentationsYesterday RJ sent a tweet announcing that Adobe Presentations was available on Adobe Labs, so I thought I would take a look.

Presentations is similar to Buzzword in that it enables you to for free create, edit and best of all just as with Buzzword you can share your files – no need for e-mail attachments here which is very cool to say the least.

Naturally being a Captivate user I want to see whether or not I could insert SWF files into Presentations files. At present you cannot do this (though you could insert an FLV file) so I thought I would add this as a feature request which I did.

Within two hours of sending in my request I get an e-mail back from the Adobe Presentations team telling me that this is something that they will definitely consider.

Straight away I filed another request asking that they also enable a user to import / export Presentations files to PowerPoint format. This would then enable Captivate users to convert a PowerPoint file into an Adobe Captivate project. Just as with the first request, this is something they are also going to look into.

I think that this is another tool that I will be able to integrate into my eLearning production workflow.


Mark said...

Do you really find use in the PPT import into Captivate? I find it much better to just create everything in Captivate from scratch, so I have the flexibility of the timelime layering in CP.

I definitely hope they add AICC/HACP tracking so developed content can be tracked in Adobe Connect to this new Adobe Presentations app, because I can't stand using PPT and Adobe Presenter is horrible.

macrofireball said...

Where possible I would much prefer to create the project from scratch in Captivate. That said I sometimes work with a Psychology department of my local Health Authority where all they want is to convert existing PowerPoint presentations on Cancer care to a Flash format. For these types of projects where the budget is really small I do find PPT import feature useful.