Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Adobe Captivate 2 - Recording - Pt1

With the announcement of Adobe Captivate 2 and having received permission from Silke (Product Manager for Captivate) I am delighted to be able to create my first post on key new features in Captivate 2.

Below is the first list of key new Recording features:
  • Pause during Capture: In Adobe Captivate 2 you can press the Pause key on your keyboard to move the red capture rectangle and then resume the capture by pressing the Pause key again.

  • Instant Text Entry Boxes: With Adobe Captivate 2 whenever you are auto-recording you can automatically add text entry boxes for text boxes.

  • Record actions in real time: With this new feature if it takes you 20 seconds to click on say a button then the resulting slide will be 20 seconds long.

Tomorrow - More on Recording.

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