Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First Adobe Captivate 2 Sample file

Ok, so I couldn't wait any longer. Here is the first Adobe Captivate 2 sample file. To see the file in action, just click on the image shown below.

In this example I show the following

  • The new Adobe Captivate 2 Skin and menu feature
  • The Zoom Area effect
  • Fill outer area Highlights
  • Closed Captioning with Interactive objects such as Click boxes.

A big thanks to Joseph Lowery - Author of the Dreamweaver 8 Bible for letting me use one of the original Dreamweaver 8 Bible techniques to demonstrate these features.


Joseph Lowery said...

Very nice demo of new features applied to previous CP work. Now everyone can get busy upgrading their work to include these new features. :-)

Bob Cunningham said...

Looks really nice. Am I to assume that Captivate 2 includes a Closed Captioning feature? If so, how does it work?


macrofireball said...

Thanks Joe! Adobe Captivate 2 is really going to make the Captivate user's life both a lot easier and a lot more exciting.

macrofireball said...

Hi Bob,

Yes, Adobe Captivate 2 does include a Closed Captioning feature. This is available via the Advanced audio dialog box and consists of a UI similar to the built-in audio editor. I will be posting more information on using the CC feature within the next couple of weeks.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the demo. Can't wait to get my hands on Cap 2.

faithfulgemi said...

I like the demo you provided. I can't wait to upgrade to this version since I see the closed captioning feature on the playback bar. This will help the distance learners at the college where I work at.