Friday, September 08, 2006

Meet the Adobe Captivate 2 Development team

Today, instead of looking at the Edit view, I have decided to share the Excellent Captivate 2 file created by Adobe Captivate 2 Quality Engineer - Randeep Singh.

Adobe Captivate 2 Team
This rocks and shows the type of amazing presentations you can create with Adobe Captivate 2! A big thanks to Randeep for letting me link to this.


Amy said...

Dude! Display your feed! (please)

macrofireball said...

Hi Amy,

I should have RSS feed up and running tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Wow- looks good! I'm wondering though already about a wish for version 3, and that's a stronger text processor. I can see that kerning isn't a feature in the new product.

macrofireball said...

Hello Anonymous :-)

Kerning would be a great idea why not submit this as a feature request to the web address I have included below: